What I Offer

Personal 1-On-1 Sessions

In my personal 1-on-1 sessions, we work together to transform and “alchemise” trauma, painful life experiences, and energetic blocks into growth and manifesting opportunities.

My sessions will help you to recognise why you make certain choices and what the pay-offs have been for you. This enables you to more easily release unhealthy connections and emotional baggage.

Several of my clients experience positive physical shifts after their sessions, including increased energy, mental clarity, and improved immune function.

Intuitive/Energy Healing Appointments

My personal 1:1 sessions are accessible through Zoom (preferred), Skype, or a regular phone line.

New Clients: If you would you like to get to know me before booking a full session, book in for my free 20-minute Get-to-know-you Chat.

And if you are ready to get started, try my 60-minute Intuitive session.

Returning Clients: My most popular 1-on-1 service with returning clients is my 60-minute Intuitive session.

However, if you want to dive more deeply into our energetic work, you may prefer my 90-minute Intuitive session.

There is also the option for returning clients to book in for my “Fast Track” 30-minute session. This service is ideal for working on one specific issue, or for checking in on a situation that is ongoing.

Multi-Session Packages and Gift Certificates

Three- and six-session packages and gift certificates are also available.

Healing Circles

To be notified about upcoming healing circles, join my mailing list.



Jo-Anne is an intuitive and energy healer extraordinaire. Her voice delivers insights as might an angel yet the impact is deep, practical, and grounded.
With pinpoint accuracy, she’ll draw from her clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clair-empathy gifts to examine the origins of underlying challenges.
While she’s at it, she is calling forth your own true wisdom and capabilities. A session will leave you not only amazingly informed, but brighter and clearer.

During a session, Jo makes excellent use of her broad training, which includes knowledge of several frequency-based therapies.
Her full range experience in Western and Eastern modalities means you’ll gain insights particular to you, and able to follow up on in the “real world.”

I’ve been recommending Jo to my clients and friends for years.
That’s because I know without a doubt that every word will be well-placed and supportive, and every insight intelligent and conscious.

Cyndi Dale

“Working with Jo is … WOW. When I first heard Jo presenting on a group call, I was really intrigued by her work. Then by chance I was called up as a demonstration, and lightbulbs went off. I was diagnosed with PCOS in my early twenties, and she helped me to work some deep rooted things out with that.
When I first met Jo in person, there was something about her that drew me in closer to her!

I eventually did one on one work with Jo, and if I could describe that in one word … OPEN! So much opened.
My mind opened to new ideas, my heart experienced a greater opening, and opportunities opened for me in life!
It was a beautiful session to say the least. We started by talking microbes and bacteria and before I knew it we were talking to my ancestors!
I can’t say exactly what Jo does, but I don’t need to! What I can say, is the noticeable results are in the transformation that happened.
I will definitely come back to our work time and time again. Thank you Jo!”

Gina Nicole Ballard

“In my workplace, I often face situations that are confrontational and emotionally-charged.
My sessions with Jo have helped me deal with many challenges in family, work and social settings assertively and positively and have provided me with extra confidence and strength. I am more able to communicate clearly with others now and I no longer take their comments as personally.

My sessions with Jo have also helped me through major life events, including my wedding day and the birth of my two babies.
I really rely on my sessions with Jo! I hope other people give it a try to improve their lives too.”

Brisbane, Australia

“As a practicing intuitive, I have specific intentions around what I wish to receive from a session.
Words often falter in the realm of Spirit, so I will simply say Jo delivers BIG TIME and ALWAYS exceeds my expectations.
I consistently find comfort and solution in her unique approach to healing which encompasses
a multitude of modalities, boundless compassion, and her infamous otherworldly precision.

She delivers the nuances of the message with such clarity and sentiment, that I fully experience the divine presence of Spirit.
Worries fade away, perspective shifts, and I find myself embodying my true essence of joy and inspired action.
Jo, thank you for sharing your gift and reminding me time and again how much the Universe loves me.”

Maura Kobusch

“I’ve worked with Jo a few times and I can say with certainty that she is nothing short of magical.
Jo has a voice and presence that can hold space in ways I haven’t seen before and I am deeply grateful for what she has done for me in my time of need.
I’ve been through many things and she very gracefully and compassionately was able to assist me.
She is wise, kind and gifted and a light in this world. There is not a soul I wouldn’t recommend to her. “

United Kingdom

“Thank you Jo for helping me “jump start” my recovery!
In 6 weeks, I’ve lost 12 pounds, my hair is growing back and the chronic fatigue is over!

Thank You for reflecting my “light” back to me, it helped me return to balance & regain my power!”


“It is challenging to find the words to explain and express the depth and breadth of what Jo is able to do.
It is easy to comment on her kindness, compassion, integrity and knowledge. She has all of those beyond measure.
It is the other abilities, the ease in which she can see what is needed for your healing and for your soul’s path.
The gentleness and humour in which she conveys her findings does not dilute the fierceness in which she works for your soul’s growth and your knowledge and expansion.

I would recommend Jo to anyone, anywhere and at anytime on their soul’s journey.”


“Thank you Jo, for being such a deeply insightful, gentle and healing resource for me.”

Chicago, USA

“Hi Jo, since our last session where we worked on my fears and worries about putting my baby in daycare
and going back to work that a lot has miraculously changed in only a couple of weeks.

I am so excited to tell you that I have been able to quit my job and stay home with my baby! We are both so happy!
I know that the work we did to heal a specific past lifetime trauma had a lot to do with it! Thank you!”


“With a full joyful heart, I share my love and appreciation for Jo. I felt immediately that Jo saw the very best in me. Her intuitive gifts, angelic voice and inspiring guidance will uplift you no matter how deep you dive in. Her strong connection with Divine is a salve for my soul. I totally trust Jo; she will hold the most empowering and healing space for you and your intention.”


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