What is healthy energy exchange?


Energetic exchange is the flow of energy between humans and other living beings. It is what we give and what we receive in relationship. Like all forms of energy, this exchange has the potential to be beautiful, highly toxic, or anything in between. 

We want our exchanges (or interactions) with others to be healthy. All of them. The most enduring relationships are those built on mutual respect. In these relationships, both parties value their relationship and invest time and healthy energy to maintain it. 

Healthy energy exchange – or fair exchange – involves a two-way flow of energy that benefits both people in the relationship. 


Two ways to bring healthy energy exchange into your relationships 

  1. Improving personal relationships
    Take some time out to connect with your spiritual guidance team, your spirit guides and Divine. And ask your team for guidance. Focus on a personal relationship with a loved one that you would like to be healthier. Perhaps you are both under stress and this is just a temporary glitch. Or maybe you need stronger boundaries. Your spiritual team will help you to find clarity so you can move to an energetically healthier place.  

  2. Improving healer-client relationships
    Are you a healer who shares your healing gifts without charging? If this is you, I strongly encourage you to change this pattern. Your time, energy and healing gifts are to be respected.

    When positive energy isn’t flowing in both directions, only one person benefits from the energy flow. The most honourable healer-client exchange occurs when both parties benefit. The healer provides their gifts and, in exchange, the client pays an agreed value. 

    I believe that when there is an energy imbalance in a healer-client relationship, true healing is unlikely.
    But when there is fair exchange, both the healer and the client are more protected from unhealthy or negative energies.

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