What does healing look like to you?


What is healing? Healing is what happens as we are becoming healthy or whole again.
Body, mind, and spirit

But healing looks different to different people. We all have our own pathways to healing.

One of the things Thich Nhat Hanh loved about being a monk was it gave him time for personal healing and transformation. And that, in turn, enabled him to bring others to their own place of wholeness. Many trauma victims heal, or become whole, in quite the opposite way. They help others to heal first and find healing during and after supporting others. 

Other forms of healing include yoga, music, therapy, immersion in nature, journaling, eating cleanly, talking to a close friend, gratitude practices, and supporting themselves with crystals.

Some find healing through crying or laughter. Both forms of self-expression release endorphins and hormones within us that help us to shift physical pain, emotional pain, and stress.

In our family, my husband heals through humour and laughter. I find crying more therapeutic. And like Reba McEntire, I also turn to music. I’ve been known to play the beautiful classical piece, Nimrod (composed by Elgar) on repeat as I work through painful emotions (click here to listen). This is my music of choice when I’m resolving my pain and coming to a place of healing. This exquisite piece of music gives me permission to feel deeply into my pain, and allows me to come to a place of emotional release and self-acceptance. 


The benefits of healing

Healing allows us to come to a place of wholeness. Where we can be unapologetically who we are. Where spiritual, mental, and physical constraints that prevent us from fully inhabiting our own space and being authentic have been removed.

Take time this week to consider the ways you most easily find healing. Whether it is alone or with the support of others. You may need time and space so you can see yourself clearly, without distractions. Or you may need another to stand with you, to see you, to remind you of your true and unique essence. 

If you would like support in your healing process, I offer energy healing sessions to clients all over the world through Zoom, Skype, or telephone. If you would like to have a chat about how my healing sessions can help you, click here.