What sensitive people and engineers have in common?


What sensitive people and engineers have in common?

I am a highly sensitive person and a practising intuitive. I also happen to be a former engineer. Those two professions are worlds apart. Or are they? 

My transition between engineering and intuitive work didn’t happen overnight; it took several years. And during that time, I realised that sensitive people, empaths and intuitives are similar to engineers in a profound way. 

My realisation was confirmed and validated when I read the book, Applied Minds: How Engineers Think by Guruprasad Madhavan. In his book, he shares how engineers tune into several different “streams of knowledge” in their work. Doing this allows them to use their ability to see structure when none is apparent to transform enormous challenges into opportunities. 

This is exactly what highly sensitive people, empaths, intuitives and healers do every day! When we are highly sensitive, we tend to be more aware of the invisible world than the visible world that we live in. We pick up on subtleties that others don’t see. We pick up on dangers and threats before most other humans do. And we are often called “overly sensitive,” and those words are rarely said in a complimentary way!

I believe there is both the intuitive and the engineer within each one of us. Each of us has aspects that revel in being intuitive, emotional, and flowing. We also have aspects of ourselves that are more structured, rational and require tangible evidence. We can be both intuitive and scientific/rational at the same time! So let’s take time today to honour each and every facet of who we are – the intuitive and the rationally intelligent!