Use two-card tarot readings for daily guidance


During October, I have been doing two-card tarot card readings for myself. And I am loving the rich guidance I am receiving!

At the same time each day, I pull both a major and a minor arcana card to receive balanced intuitive guidance. The first card is chosen from the 22 Major Arcana cards (which gives me a bigger picture theme or perspective), and the second card is from the 56 Minor Arcana cards (which gives more detail to guide me in my everyday decisions).

My journey with the tarot has been fascinating! While taking a 6-week course many years ago, I quickly learned that my guidance shared powerful messages with me through the tarot. And to this day, the cards warn me about the future, encourage me through challenging times, remind me of my values, and guide me to consistently follow my life purpose.

This week I felt led to share a two-card reading with you. I asked for spiritual guidance for my entire mailing list through these two cards and look what showed up?! The Justice card and the Knight of Wands. By the way, this beautiful little tarot deck is the Everyday Tarot mini-deck by Biddy Tarot.

What do these two cards tell us?

The Justice card is pretty much what it says! It represents justice, fairness and truth. The overall message of this card is when we come from a place of integrity and adhere to just and true values. Our future is safeguarded and justice and order will result.

Incidentally, this card (which shows the scales being held in the left hand) is also aligned with the intellectual Air element Libra season, which we are still in for a few more days.

What can we learn from the Knight of Wands? The suit of Wands represents spiritual consciousness, inspiration, intuition and creativity. It is aligned with the more passionate, enthusiastic and sometimes unpredictable Fire element. The energy of the Knight card adds to this fiery energy because role of the Knight is inherently active.

So we are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities that are before us! The Knight of Wands card may also indicate travel or changes in our home life or career. It can also let us know that an unexpected event is coming that we won’t be prepared for.

The combined message of these two cards encourage us to move forward and take positive action from a place of integrity.

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