Three things to do when faced with uncertainty


Within one of my friendship circles, we are facing the declining health of a very loved friend. Each member of our circle is dealing with the uncertainty surrounding this news in a different way, from a different perspective. Sally is bracing for the worse-case scenario. Amanda is googling her way through her worry, desperate to label the condition so she can respond in the most helpful way. And Stephen chooses to blissfully ignore any potential outcome that will change the solidarity of our circle. (Note: actual names have been changed to protect identities, including my own!)

Some of us are being triggered. We are revisiting and recycling personal beliefs and vulnerabilities about life and relationships, love and loss. Each of us is trying to assign meaning to this uncertain situation in an attempt to understand it.

Scientists and mathematicians do the same thing. Through statistics, they use equations to assess uncertainty in any given situation. And during uncertain times, psychology encourages us to practice self-care, confide in trusted friends, develop new skills, limit our exposure to distressing sources, and avoid dwelling on the things we can’t control.

When we face uncertainty, our stress responses are triggered. Research studies show we are calmer when we anticipate pain than when we anticipate uncertainty. This is because pain is certain; we know it is coming and what the outcome will be. But with uncertainty, we can feel vulnerable, exposed, unprepared, and uncomfortable.

Yet, Brene Brown reminds us when we are vulnerable, we can find connection, and a host of other wonderful gifts.

These three things can help you when you experience uncertainty 

      1. Focus on your values, and the things you can control
        This will remind you of your strengths and help you feel empowered. Your values are your priorities; they remind you of what you is most important to you. So focus on these, and find a way to express these in your life.
      2. Seize the day! 
        Use the time you have to actively express your values as you wait for clarity and information. When you are feeling immobilised and stuck, this can help you to actively live life and create beautiful memories.
      3. Seek comfort from your spiritual guidance team
        They love you. They have chosen to be aligned with you because they appreciate you, your values and everything you stand for. And they very often know your trigger points, vulnerabilities, and what you need. Why? Some of them have accompanied you before, in one or many past lifetimes. So reach out to them for support. Ask for their guidance. You can connect with them anytime 24/7. They will help you find a way to move forward. One way of connecting with your spirit guidance team is through my “This Too Shall Pass” guided meditation.

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