Three healing practices for Eclipse Season


We are currently in Eclipse season, in the transitional time and space between the partial Solar eclipse on October 25 and the lunar eclipse on November 8. This means the energy is shifting from a Scorpio south node to a Taurus north node.

Eclipse seasons can affect us in monumental ways. They are renowned for being times of sudden and unexpected change. This means they are new chapters in our lives and can abruptly shift us in very different directions to the paths we are currently on.

They also represent a shift from our past selves to our future selves. From the old to the new. And Scorpio and Taurus just happen to be fixed signs that don’t like change. So if you were born under a fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius), you may find this eclipse season particularly challenging.

 eclipse season

Support yourself during Eclipse Season!

If you are finding this eclipse season energy difficult, here are three healing practices that can help you:

1. Work with crystals aligned with new beginnings
The moonstone crystal is a wonderful stone to have around you during the eclipse season. It is a particularly supportive crystal that helps us to negotiate new beginnings. My article, Embrace change and new beginnings with the Moonstone crystal describes the many benefits of moonstone and include a helpful affirmation you can use during eclipse season. Other helpful crystals to have in your presence at this time are selenite and scolecite.

2. Use tarot cards in your personal meditation time
Several tarot cards focus on new beginnings. Since eclipse season involves the bigger life themes, you can use one of the following Major Arcana cards as a focus during meditation:

    • The Fool (a fresh start and a new journey),
    • Death (closing one chapter to begin another),
    • Judgement (entering a new, more enlightened phase of life), and
    • The Tower (unexpected change and moving to solid foundations).

In the last few days, I have been meditating with The Tower card. I feel it supports me as I shift from the south node energy of my past to the north node energy of my future.

3. Start a journal where you record your eclipse season experiences
This means you will be tracking what is happening in your life at these pivotal times. Eclipses often herald in big events. Wouldn’t it be good to have an ongoing record of your big life events? Journaling can be a fascinating time of self-reflection, giving you a chance to recognize patterns you hadn’t previously noticed.

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May your Eclipse season be transformative. 😊