The “right” kind of support for healing


support healing

Twenty-five years ago, I had major health problems – frequent migraine headaches, chronic diarrhea and panic attacks. I was also in a toxic relationship. My body didn’t respond well to conventional medicine and pharmaceutical intervention, so I was searching for a natural health solution.

During my search, I discovered a frequency-based natural health modality that restores the natural balance in the human body. After each session, I was fully aware that my health was continually improving. It was exactly what I needed at the time!

I look back on this stage of my life with amazement. It seemed that against all odds, with the right kind of support, my body was able to rejuvenate and be restored.

I realised that – on some level – I had become personally invested in being unwell. My self-esteem had plummeted during my first marriage, and I was grateful to receive love and support from several friends. As long as I was sick, I knew I would receive endless support and be taken care of. 

In spite of this, at least one aspect of myself desperately wanted to be well! That part of me continued to search for answers and solutions until I found and received the right kind of support. That was all it took! Just one aspect of me that was fighting to be healthy and whole again.

Affirmation for receiving the right kind of support

May you be blessed with the right kind of support, as I was! 

In closing, here is an affirmation/mantra/ blessing for you!   

I attract the right kind of support in my life,
support that empowers me and allows me to live, thrive, and grow
in a holistically healthy way 

I offer personal 1-on-1 sessions and multi-session packages. Feel free to send me a message if you would like to know more.