The power of Archetypes and Symbols



A client asked me recently if there was any significance to my Joanne Intuitive logo. Well, yes there is!

I believe in the power of symbolism and I intentionally created my logo to represent the work that I do.

Take a look at my logo now (pictured):

  • the triangle represents the Air element, and the scientific world.
  • the five-petalled lotus represents the part of our world that gives our lives meaning, the intuitive world.
  • the blue line that spans both the triangle and the five-petalled lotus represents me. I view myself as a bridge, working in the transitional space between the intuitive and the scientific world. I see my work as a continuum where both intuition and science can meet and speak into our lives. 

This week’s tip (bridging intuition and science)  

Symbols are universal and come in many forms. We use symbols in the scientific world, the intuitive world, and everywhere in between. This week, think about adding a symbol from science to the energy of your favourite symbol to magnify it. 

Here is an example. The otter is one of my totem animals. It reminds me to remember that there is a time to work and a time to play. As I focus on the playful energy of the otter, I picture my totem animal with the plus (+) sign, increasing that positive fun energy of the otter for me.

When you do this with your favourite symbols, it is so supportive! Just like turning up the volume when you’re listening to one of your favourite songs!  

I wish for you that intuition and science can both meet and speak clearly into your life! 

If would like to work with me, reach out and send me a message. We can have a 20-minute chat to talk about your symbols.