The Importance of Centering


When I was a child, I was easily over-stimulated by myself. Socially, chemically and environmentally.

On family trips to the local swimming pool, the pool chemicals irritated my eyes so that I couldn’t swim for hours on end. At the beach, I would become sunburned and had to cover up. And at home, when I giggled and became over-excited, my asthma would be triggered, so I would have to sit quietly and calm myself.

I found many ways of calming myself. At the beach, I climbed over the shaded rocky areas and collected shells. I became an avid people watcher at the pool or read a book. And at home, I occupied myself with various crafts, including crocheting, which I still use today to calm and center myself.

As I transitioned from childhood to adulthood, I realized that being able to center and calm yourself is essential at all stages of our lives. Scientific research around has also proven that this is the case, showing that centering practices and meditations both reduce stress and increase mindfulness.  

The Importance of Centering

Jo’s Simple Centering Practice

Step 1: Find yourself a quiet and comfortable space. And close your eyes if that helps you to disconnect from the world around you.

Step 2: Start by focusing on centering your physical body, your physical equilibrium. In this centering practice, focus on the space between your solar plexus and the heart chakras (just underneath your chest). This area can be a place of vulnerability for many of us.

Step 3: As your attention is directed to your physicality, start to take a few deep breaths, breathing into your belly. Feel your belly rise as you breathe in and fall as you breathe out.

(Remember that breathing is very important for centering. In a recent yoga class where I momentarily lost my balance, my instructor reminded me that it happened because I had stopped breathing.)

Step 4: Now it is time to re-set your mind, your conscious equilibrium. At this time, as you are breathing deeply in and out, speak out the following mantra:

“I take this time to center my being – body, mind, and spirit”

Step 5: As you feel yourself centering in your body and your mind. Draw your attention to your spiritual equilibrium by connecting to your spirit guides and your Higher Power. As you do, feel the loving support from your spiritual team! Also, recognize if you need quality time with a trusted friend or family member. We all need human relational support as well!

The 7-Day Centering Practice Challenge!

If centering practices are not a part of your daily routine, I challenge you to try this simple Centering Practice for 7 days to see if you notice any positive changes in your life

And if you already have a regular centering practice, I encourage you to maintain your practice and feel the benefits of centering!

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