The healing message of Christmas


lesson about healing from ‘The Little Drummer Boy

One of my all-time favourite Christmas carols is the Little Drummer Boy. If you’re not familiar with this carol, click here to hear a contemporary rendition of it by the musical group, Pentatonix.

The story of the little drummer boy was shared in a short animated movie back in the late 1960s. The movie shows the journey of a young boy called Aaron and his animal friends as they travel to Bethlehem where people are flocking to see a newborn baby called Jesus. Aaron has many reasons to hate people. After all, they were responsible for killing his parents.

Aaron and his friends follow three kings in the desert who are traveling to Bethlehem. Honoring the newborn baby with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh – gifts for a king. When Aaron looks upon the baby, he is inspired to play his drum for him. As he plays his drum, he releases the negative emotions he carries. At the same time, his sick lamb, Baba, is restored to good health.

What can we learn from this story?

I believe this is the most important Christmas message of all. This is the story of true healing that takes place in both the heart of a little boy and in his friend, Baba the lamb.

When we have negative emotions towards others, it only harms us. The boy’s willingness to play his drum for the newborn baby king allowed him to release his negative emotions and his lamb was healed at the same time.

The healing message of Christmas

During this festive season, I wish true healing for you as well. I wish that, in spite of any pain and suffering we are feeling or experiencing, we will be able to release negativity and enjoy this time of year (whether we are with friends and family or not) with a pure heart and spirit. We may not have the exact same beliefs and we may not make the same choices, but we can show love and treat each other with respect.

Let’s use this time to release negativity. Let’s be more open to connection and spiritual, mental, and even physical healing!

May your festive season this year be a meaningful time full of harmony and peace!