Tap into your personal resonance!


In energy healing work and science alike, there is a powerful concept called resonance. Energetically, resonance is what we identify with, what we relate to, what helps us to feel strong and supported. In the science world, other words to describe resonance are synchronisation and harmonisation,  

Sometimes we lose sight of our own personal resonance. We pay more attention to what others resonate with, and we lose touch with what strengthens and supports us.

Resonance from a musical perspective

Think of yourself as a musical instrument. And other people you spend time with are also musical instruments. Your family, friends, people you work with, people you pass in the shopping centre or on the street.

When you feel a resonance with these people, there will be a meeting of minds. Energetically, that looks and sounds like harmony. When you positively resonate with others, it isn’t hard work. It feels good. It feels easy. 


You will not resonate with everybody though. Some people you won’t resonate with at all. You may have different perspectives on important issues. You may feel these people try to dominate you, or make you look small. When there is a lack of resonance energetically, there is disharmony, or dissonance (the opposite of resonance). It can feel like clanging, jarring energies that don’t feel or sound good.

When we don’t resonate with others, it is challenging to be close to them. In those cases, it helps when we are able to acknowledge we are on different paths – when we agree to disagree.

Your personal resonance is your essence, your inherent nature. And as you tune into what supports you, your personal resonance is reinforced.  

Each of us is on a soul journey. When life is busy, we can forget how amazingly unique we are. When we are more aware of our own personal resonance, we tap into the rich and often complex tapestry of our ancient existence.

Here are three ways to connect with your personal resonance

  1. Pay attention to how you feel around others
    Who are your people? Who are the people you resonate strongly with in a positive way? These people tend to be the ones who see your light shining brightly. And notice when you are overwhelmed by external influences that dull your shine.
  2. Be aware of the things that warm your soul, that make you feel alive
    Those things may include cooking a delicious meal, painting with bright cheery colours, or laying in the sun and soaking up the sunshine.
  3. Each day, take time to nurture yourself
    Do the things that warm your soul. Chat with your people, those you resonate with.

When you take time to tap into your personal resonance – your essence – your life takes on a whole new meaning. If you would like someone to come alongside you to help you to more easily feel into your personal resonance, send me a message, I would love to work with you!