Can your pet be one of your spirit animals?


Can your pet be one of your spirit animals?

My husband and I are the proud owners of two border collie puppies, Jessie and Cody (pictured). These loving animals fill our lives with love, and we get to share in their craziness as they live life to the full.  

Like most animal companions and furry friends, our two pups love us unconditionally. They appreciate any attention we show them and are not judgemental. And they don’t have “bad days” like we do!

But have you ever considered that your pets may reflect you in any way?

Our pets are like spirit animals for us. In many cultures, a spirit (or totem) animal is an animal that guides a person on a journey. The animal shares or embodies the characteristics of that person.

In the movie, The Golden Compass, these animals were called daemons, or familiars, and were the visible version of the person’s soul in animal form.

Our two puppies, Jessie and Cody, are border collies, so they are inherently loyal, highly alert, and energetic.  Some of their less positive aspects include being hypersensitive, compulsive-obsessive, and anxious in stressful situations they can’t predict. In the worst-case scenario, they can be destructive when they can’t find a creative outlet for their energy.

And while the last paragraph describes our two fun-loving puppies, I have to say it also describes me – in my best expression and shadow side. The animals we identify with are a mirror; they reflect back to us who we are.

The border collie is one of my spirit animals. One of the lessons of the border collie is to teach me not to lose myself in relationships by attempting to please others. Our puppies are a constant reminder of that for me; they re-affirm one of my life lessons.

What are your spirit animals?

You have spirit animals too. Pay attention to the ones that show up for you. Sometimes they appear in a dream.  Other times they cross your path, or you see them repeatedly in a short period of time. Just know they are showing up to share a message with you – whether that is a life-long lesson or a lesson that applies to you in a given situation.

When I was a little girl, I was drawn to otters after seeing the movie, Ring of Bright Water. I believe the otter is one of my life spirit animals. It teaches me to reconnect to my inner child, to play, relax in life, and tap into my divine feminine energies. 

You can become aware of your spirit animals anywhere!

I ask for you this week that you will cross paths with one of your spirit animals, carrying a special message for you!

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