Something to smile about!


We know that our spirituality and our mindset can influence our physical health. But did you know that our physical bodies can influence our mindset and spirituality too?

When we smile, certain facial muscles are activated. These muscles positively influence our entire body and our emotions and moods. 

Something to smile about

A research study from the University of South Australia found that when you choose to smile, your brain’s amygdala is stimulated. This important part of the brain recognises patterns from past memories and processes strong emotions. And your smile, whether it is spontaneous or deliberate, leads to the release of neurotransmitters, that naturally encourage a state of emotional positivity, gratitude, and even laughter

The study’s lead researcher, Dr Marmolejo-Ramos, shared that there is a strong connection between action and perception; when your muscles say you’re happy, you’re more likely to see the world around you in a positive way. In other words, our actions affect how we view a given situation. 

This is not the only research on smiling. Elan Sun Star (world-renowned photographer) has also written a book, Smile! The Secret Science of Smiling. He spent four years researching for his book by interviewing philosophers, military commanders, research assistants, psychologists, medical professionals, and experts in international diplomacy.

Star strongly feels the simple act of smiling allows us to create inner harmony, optimum health, and healthy psychological states. As a firm believer of the powerful mind/body/spirit connection. He not only sees the potential for smiling to benefit us personally, he believes it can have a global impact. 

How can we benefit from this in our daily lives?

We can take advantage of this amazing dynamic between our body, mind, and spirit to improve our lives! Just as doing regular squats supports brain health, when we actively smile we start a domino chemical effect within the body that is positive and empowering. 

Pretending we are always OK is not healthy either. Sometimes we have to process other challenging emotions in our lives. So if you need emotional support, reach out to a person you feel safe with – a friend or someone you trust. You could also book a session with me; there may be external energies or interference that is disrupting your energetic system. 

This final quote beautifully encapsulates the power of a smile. This week, may your smile be the source of your joy!