Shift stuck energy with the Blue Kyanite crystal


If you are searching for a high vibration crystal that supports connection and communication, go no further than the Blue Kyanite crystal! This beautiful blue stone cleanses and connects all of your chakras (energy centres) and especially supports your 4th chakra (heart/relational centre), 5th chakra (self-expression centre), and 6th chakra (visionary centre).  

Blue kyanite crystal

This crystal acts as an energetic bridge to open our psychic channels and activate all of our mental processes and capacities. It also helps us to receive downloads from higher sources.

For this reason, I frequently wear a blue kyanite blade as a pendant when I do my healing work.

If you are experiencing obstacles in your personal healing or any other area of your life, a Blue Kyanite crystal will help you! It bridges energy gaps and shifts stubborn energy blocks on and between all of your energy levels.

Blue Kyanite is particularly helpful for those of us who seek clarity. It creates a bridge for our intuition, insights, and thoughts. Kyanite also supports us as we heal from trauma, even on a physical level.

It helps with the healing of bones and creating new neural pathways within our nervous systems. 

Wearing a blue kyanite crystal supports connection in healing work

Energy Tip for accessing Blue Kyanite energies

In this photo, you can see I am wearing my blue kyanite blade midway between my throat chakra and my heart chakra. This is an ideal position for wearing kyanite jewellery. You can also wear kyanite beaded bracelets on your wrists, to activate and support your heart meridian.

Blue Kyanite Affirmation

Try speaking out this affirmation while holding a piece of Blue Kyanite crystal in your left hand:

“I access the healing qualities of Blue Kyanite to bridge energetic gaps
and enable a healthy flow of energy and connection”

Each of us experiences stuck or blocked energy from time to time. This energy can contribute to misunderstandings with loved ones, physical dysfunction, and entrapment in old trauma patterns. If would like to work with me energetically to help you resolve stuck energy, send me a message. We can arrange a 20-minute chat to discuss your needs and how I can help to get you moving again. 

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