Set New Year’s resolutions for 2022 that work!


New Year's resolutions

As we begin our transition from the end of December 2021 into January 2022, I have been pondering the age-old ritual of New Year’s resolutions. Many of us set New Year’s resolutions and break them before we’ve seen out January. This can be so discouraging! So how do we set New Year’s resolutions that become a part of our everyday reality? 

Studies have found that resolutions that are based on positive outcomes are more successful than resolutions that are based on avoiding negative outcomes. Energetically, this is about focusing on what we want, rather than trying to avoid what we don’t want. Ultimately, when our focus is more positive, we have a better chance of being successful.

As you step into 2022:

  • set dreams, goals and resolutions that have a positive focus,
  • ask for help from at least one person you know and trust, and
  • picture the brand new year of 2022 as a clean slate. It is a pure white canvas on which we can create our impressions. We can start to manifest our dreams, goals and resolutions. We have so much choice and so many colours to choose from!

Here is a great affirmation to help you to start 2022 on a positive footing:

As 2022 unfolds, I see my dreams and goals clearly
and I take every opportunity 
to bring what I want into my reality.

If you want to create other positive affirmations to support you as 2022 unfolds, read my blog post, How to create life changing affirmations that really work.

And if you would like help you to bring your dreams and goals into your reality, reach out!