New Moon, Birthdays and Connection


new moon

In the next few hours, we are about to experience the Libra New Moon, which draws our attention to the concept of fair exchange in all of our relationships and partnerships.

During the New Moon, we also have six (yes, six!) retrograde planets – Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto, and the infamous Mercury. When planets are in retrograde, they are drawing our attention to review a specific aspect of our lives. With all of this cosmic activity, this is a time of great change! We have a lot to review!

This year, the Libra New Moon happens to fall on my birthday!  Birthdays are special because they mark time in our personal life cycle. They symbolize individual empowerment, and by extension, they promote group cohesion and even collective connection.

The early Greeks had a meaningful perspective of birthdays as a result of their belief system. It was their understanding that, at birth, each one of us begins a mystical relationship with a protective spirit. Who continues to watch over us during our entire lifetime.

This belief is a beautiful reminder to all of us.  That even when we feel isolated from our loved ones and the greater collective, we are actually still connected and protected.

So, in my birthday celebrations, in emulation of the early Greeks, I will be honouring my personal protective spirit and our magical other-worldly connection.