Meditative Practice to support learning


This week I am excited to put my ‘Teacher’ hat on. Not just once, but twice. In addition to my scheduled client sessions, I will be helping others to learn – something I am passionate about.  

Firstly, I am supporting students as a teaching assistant in Cyndi Dale’s new certification program through The Shift Network. And secondly, I am teaching a class about the energetics of disease patterns and pathogens (life forms that cause disease). 

My current focus on teaching and learning is timely, given that the planet Jupiter is currently in Aries. Since Jupiter is the planet of wisdom, knowledge, and expansion, in Aries we are searching for new learnings, new visions, and new experiences.  

How do you support yourself when you learn something new? Here is a short meditative practice you may find helpful!

Meditative Practice to support learning

  1. Find a quiet place where you feel relaxed. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
  2. Ask your spirit team (Divine and your guides) to support you at this time; know you are safe and loved.
  3. Give your attention to your process of learning something new. Be open to experiencing transformation as you learn.
  4. As you breathe in, know that wisdom and knowledge are being drawn within you with each breath. On each outward breath, visualize any doubts and fears you have about learning being released from you.
  5. And be open to receiving wisdom and knowledge through your eyes as you learn visually. And the knowledge that does not serve you can just fall from your eyes.
  6. (Later)….before you are learning something new, repeat this short meditative process! Know you are breathing in and visually feasting on wisdom and knowledge and be open to them becoming a living part of you.

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In 2022, I’m also creating my own online learning program. My background in frequency-based therapies and engineering has provided me with a unique perspective that beautifully lends itself to energetic healing. I want to share my knowledge and experience. To keep up-to-date with the progress of my learning program, join my JI-Learning mailing list.

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