Jo’s Birthday Special Offer (October 2022)


We are now in Libra season, a time where our attention is drawn to balance, connection, harmony, and relationships. I love this time of year.

And as a Libra sun-sign girl born in October, I’d like to celebrate my birthday with you!

From now on, I’ll be sharing a birthday offer in October each year to replace those I used to share during the year.

For all of October, I am offering my new “Dear Jo” Email Response Service for 25% off.

So, for this month only, this service is available for just $87 AUD ($57 USD). This offer is limited to one purchase per person.

Here is a description of my “Dear Jo” Email response service

Do you want intuitive support without booking a 1-to-1 session? Perhaps you have a question about a situation, issue, or relationship. You may have a personal sense about it, and would like some confirmation. Maybe you are seeking direction about an important decision, or you would like to receive supportive healing energies.


How to Redeem this Offer

After clicking the pink button, click ‘Add to Cart’ and you will be taken to a booking form. Complete your personal details and (under ‘Notes to Business’), add a short paragraph describing your situation and your question or concern. Add the coupon code (NATALIS2022), click the ‘Update’ button and finalise your payment. You will receive email confirmation of your order and a response from me within three business days.