Intuition … what are the chances?!


Intuition … what are the chances

Where intuition meets probability

This weekly tip begins with a personal story. About 10 years ago, I wanted to learn more about the Tarot card deck. So I signed up for an introductory six-week tarot card course with three other ladies. As part of our learning, we did mini-readings for each other, so we could learn the meaning of the tarot cards.

One card repeatedly came up in readings for me – the Queen of Swords (reversed). This message of this card for me was to be more confident and assertive and to set clear boundaries. In time, I was to realise this was in relation to one very specific person.

Over the years, each time I have pulled the same (reversed) Queen of Swords tarot card, the same person has shown up in my life. And each time, I have had to shore up my personal boundaries – with that person.

Probability is a tool used in the world of mathematics, science and research and it predicts the chance of a random event occurring. So the probability of me drawing the Queen of Swords out of a deck of 78 cards is 1 in 78.

Now, this synchronistic event has happened more than five times in the last 10 years. But to illustrate a point, the probability of this “random” event occurring even just three times is less than 2 chances in 1 million.

Everything in this life has a purpose.
There are no mistakes
, no coincidences.

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Through the lens of probability (and science), I am able to see how miraculous and remarkable intuition is. My spirit guides, my higher power and the universe frequently give me very specific signs that are relevant, instructive and empowering. In this personal story, the message for me was to assertively maintain my personal boundaries.

So I encourage you to pay attention to the signs that show up in your life. Especially those signs that show up repeatedly. They carry an important message for you!