The numerology of 2022: how will it affect you?


numerology of 2022

As 2022 starts to unfold, I am fascinated and excited about the energy this New Year is bringing in. 

I know from experience that numerology is a most powerful tool that provides us with life-changing insights. It is for this reason that I use numerology in each and every one of my client sessions.

I feel that the numerology of 2022 is particularly significant and will impact us all. For starters, 2022 is largely influenced by the Number 2! And when you add up all of the numbers contained in 2022 (2 + 0 + 2 + 2), the total number is 6. So the energies of both the Numbers 2 and 6 will have a dominant role in 2022.

Those of you who took my Numerology for Intuitives course in 2021 already understand the significance of both of these numbers. In a nutshell, the Number 2 carries the energy of partnerships, collaborations, duality, opposing viewpoints, sensitivity and emotions. And in its best expression, the Number 6 carries the energy of creativity. 

I invite you to attend my free webinar, The Numerology of 2022. During this webinar, we will examine more deeply the significance of the Numbers 2 and 6, and other important numerology for 2022.

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If you feel led to delve further into the numerology of 2022 to find out how it interacts with your personal birth chart numerology (your date of birth), book in for a personal session with me, and let’s see what we discover!