How to find perspective when life feels chaotic


When life feels chaotic, we can sometimes lose sight of the support and love that is around us.

The last few years have been stressful and de-stabilising for many of us. What we believed to be true, certain, and stable have proven otherwise. The people, social systems, and even material possessions we have put our faith in have not provided us with the stability and security we believed they would.

Each of us has had to pull back, go deep within and re-group. We have had to re-assess what we put our faith in. What we can depend upon. What our values and beliefs are, recognising that these have changed as a result of our recent experiences.

As I pondered the energy of chaos, I remembered this image and felt compelled to share it with you. It reminds me that, even when we feel there is chaos, there is a pattern unfolding that may not be obvious at the time. If you were to walk into this room to view this sculpture with the lights off, you would not see the pattern. The sculpture would just look disordered and chaotic.

But from a different perspective, a clear and distinct pattern emerges. Order appears. And we recognise that our paths have been directed and guided the entire time.

Did you know that the relationship between chaos and order is also supported by science? Particularly in an area of study called Chaos Theory.

The following quote describes chaos theory in layman’s terms. It says in words what is portrayed in the shadow sculpture image above. And also what we have been experiencing in the last few years.

Take heart when I say there is a bigger purpose at play here

You may be feeling disconnected from your spirit guides (your spiritual support team) and the Oneness. But you have not been forgotten. You are not isolated and alone. The universal Oneness you are a part of has not abandoned you.

One of my gifts is being able to see order, patterns and relational threads in what seems to be a chaotic situation. If you would like some support to help you recognise you are still connected, I would be happy to chat with you.

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