How do we harness vibrations for personal healing?



For more than 25 years, I have both seen and experienced transformational healing through the use of vibrational energy.

My first personal encounter with energy medicine was through a frequency-based modality known as bioresonance therapy. 

And now, research is validating what energy healers have known and experienced for a long time now.

Vibrational energy is a powerful and effective healing option with many benefits that go beyond just physical healing.   

What are vibrations?

Repeated rhythmic patterns are Vibrations. The regularity of vibrations we experience in our bodies all the time.

Heartbeat is a vibration that is uniquely individual for each human being. Breathing rates are also vibrational rhythms.

How do vibrations affect our physical bodies?

Each organ in our human bodies generates vibrations, which create electromagnetic fields.

According to the HeartMath Institute, the human heart generates an electromagnetic field that is sixty times stronger than the human brain. 

Rhythmic and vibrational energies don’t just occur within the organs in our bodies. And there is also communication between each individual cell in our body that is rhythmic.

The healthy cells in our bodies produce stronger vibrations than the unhealthy cells.

In addition, there are Frequency-based therapies used for decades to direct therapeutic frequencies (or vibrations) through the body to support unhealthy cells.

Vibrations affect every aspect of our lives

Vibrations affect us physically, mentally, and spiritually.

One example of this is what happens to us when we become overly stressed.

Our bodies flooded with stress hormones, including cortisol and adrenaline. These hormones affect us in many ways, causing our energy levels and quality of sleep to suffer.

We are more susceptible to anxiety and depression. This can result in flow-on effects that influence how we treat others, so our relationships can also be impacted in a negative way.

What can we do to heal ourselves vibrationally?

There are many things we can consciously do to improve our personal vibrations and our quality of life.

These include meditation and deep breathing practices, yoga, sound healing, gratitude practices, visualisation practices. Being physically active, spending time in nature, grounding/earthing practices.

Harnessing the power of supportive crystals (like malachite, blue kyanite, moonstone, and zircon). And having affirming relationships with like-minded people.

I also incorporate vibrational energies in my 1-on-1 client sessions. Check out my online calendar for a session time that suits you.