Healing relationships with the Malachite crystal


The Malachite crystal is like a very big heart! This stunning vivid-green crystal carries heart-based frequencies that support our hearts, our blood flow, and our relationships. 

If you offer healing services in your business, Malachite is a great crystal for both helping your clients with relationship issues and empowering them.

Here is my beautiful Malachite egg, a treasure from my personal crystal collection.

Healing relationships with the Malachite crystal

But Malachite isn’t a pushover! It helps us to say ‘no’ when we need to. And where needed, we learn to set healthy energetic boundaries.

We are also empowered by Malachite to passionately follow our dreams and express ourselves creatively.

Malachite also has a purifying aspect. It doesn’t just help us to recognize toxic relationships in our lives. Its presence helps to shift toxins from our energetic system and our immediate environment.

But be careful!

This doesn’t mean that Malachite is suitable to physically absorb in any way. Its high copper content makes it toxic for humans.

Malachite crystal

How to use Malachite for Healing 

Malachites’ spiritual gifts are best shared with us through their presence in our lives. Especially the gifts of healing and protection. So you can enjoy the gifts of Malachite by displaying them in your personal or workspace as a decorative ornament. You can also wear Malachite stones in your jewelry, in pendants, rings, or bracelets. Having them close to your heart will benefit you greatly!

Malachite Affirmation

Do you want to benefit from Malachite in a more proactive way? Then hold a piece of Malachite in your right hand and speak out the following affirmation: 

“As I allow Malachite to heal my heart and protect me, I embrace my personal choice
and creativity and release all energies not aligned with my unique essence.”

Working with Malachite to support your relationships

Do you want to shift negative relationship energy quickly? Then use two pieces of Malachite! Check out my Facebook video post where I share how this works.  

In my healing sessions, I use crystals and other energetic tools to support my clients’ goals. Whatever they may be! If you would like me to help with your goals, book in for a 60-minute Intuitive/Energy Healing session with me. You are also welcome to subscribe to my weekly newsletter (All Things Intuition).

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