Ground your spirituality with the Zircon crystal


Let me tell you a little about the beautiful crystal, zircon! Very few people know about the gifts of this wonderful crystal and how you can work with it energetically to enhance your life.

Firstly, zircon is a wonderful tool for detoxing! It encourages the cleansing of toxins, clears blockages in the meridian system, and helps to shift depression, sluggishness, and fatigue. 

Healing relationships with the Zircon crystal

Secondly, if you want to be accessing more spirituality in your life, zircon is for you! It is spiritually protective and allows us to access portals to higher realms. It also supports us as we activate our spiritual values in the physical plane. This makes it a wonderful crystal for attracting abundance on all levels.

Thirdly, it magnifies the gifts of other crystals. I am blessed to live in the mineral-rich gem fields of central Queensland, Australia. In this area, we enjoy the abundant energy of both sapphires and zircons and I see first-hand how zircons intensify the energies of our local sapphires. But here, zircons take a back seat to sapphires and their beautiful gifts tend to be overlooked.

Simple Energy Tip for accessing zircon energies

If you don’t have zircon in your immediate environment, here is an energy tip for you! Save an image of a zircon crystal as a screensaver on your phone or computer. That way you experience the frequencies and the gifts of zircon even if you don’t have the actual crystal!

Zircon Affirmation

You can also speak out the following affirmation:

“I allow Zircon’s healing frequencies to:
protect me as I receive guidance from the higher realms,
activate my ideals in the physical plane, and
support me as I release everything that is not in alignment with me”

If you have a “healer’s heart,” you can easily take on the sorrows of your loved ones. You can even feel the pain of people you don’t know! If you so easily carry other people’s pain, reach out! Click here to book in for a complimentary 20-minute chat with me. I’d love to talk with you!  

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