Embrace change and new beginnings with the Moonstone crystal


Sixteen years ago, I discovered the beautiful Moonstone crystal while shopping for wedding jewellery. I was preparing to be married for the second time, and had learned that Moonstone represents new beginnings. I was keen to learn more.  

In India, Moonstone is seen as a wedding gift that brings harmony to the marriage. Harmony, patience and hope. I wanted to bring enduring spiritual qualities into our marriage. Yet again, Moonstone ticked the boxes. 

This beautiful white crystal that enhances intuition and emotional balance. It produces a stunning play of colours known as adularescence. This form of metallic irridescence occurs when light is reflected between layer of minerals with different optical properties.

It also draws our attention to the cycles of life. Through it, we learn patience. We learn how to respond to life through all its cycles and seasons. On a physical level, Moonstone also helps to attune us to the ebbs and flows of the moon, of life and our personal hormonal shifts. Moonstone has a strong connection to feminine energy through its association with the moon. And it has a strong affinity with the astrological signs of Cancer, Libra and Scorpio. 

Moonstone Affirmation

This is a beautiful affirmation to use when you are having trouble negotiating change in your life. Speak out this affirmation while holding a Moonstone crystal in your right hand:
I accept that change is a necessary part of life’s cycles as I transition into the next chapter of my life. 

There are times in our lives when we need to face change. Change is an essential and inevitable aspect of the human experience. We literally cannot move forward in our lives if we don’t believe this to be true. 

If you find it difficult to experience change and would like to work with me energetically, send me a message. We can arrange a time to talk about the challenges of change and how I may be able to help you.   

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