Does Visualisation really work?


Have you ever wondered if visualisation actually works?

Research tells us that it does! The brain actually doesn’t see a difference between what is real and what is imaginary. This is because when you visualise something, physical changes occur in the human brain based on what you are visualising!

We are wired to visualise!

The most obvious human example of this is in how the human body responds to danger. We have the same stress response to actual danger as we do to perceived danger. The same hormones (cortisol and adrenaline) are produced regardless of whether the danger is real or not.

It has also been found that the primary benefits of visualisation come through repetition, which refines brain circuits and causes neuroplasticity. It is the neuroplasticity that allows change and transformation that starts in the mind, producing benefits to the human body as well.

Visualisation in action

Studies of sports performers and stroke survivors show that when a person merely imagines moving their muscles, it causes great improvement in the muscles. Even people who have visualised their immune system becoming stronger have experienced literal physical improvements in their immune system function.

Our energetic centre for visualisation

Our personal intuition is also connected to visualisation. Each of us has a Third Eye chakra (also called our 6th chakra), which is our inner and outer visual centre. Through this chakra, renowned intuitive Cyndi Dale tells us that through this chakra we obtain, record and send pictures, symbols, colours and images that represent reality

So those of us who work energetically with our chakras can picture our visualisations through this visual centre.

Having trouble visualising?

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