Do you know your character strengths?


I am a huge fan of tools that help me understand myself and others better.

We can quickly learn about ourselves through a myriad of “ologies” and branches of knowledge, including our personal astrology, numerology, enneagram type, human design type, temperament type, and Myers-Briggs personality profiling.

What are your personal values/character strengths? 

Back in the early 2000s, scientists discovered through research in the social sciences that there are 24 character strengths (or values) that all humans possess. We have all 24 of these strengths to different degrees, and each of them falls under one of six different categories (wisdom, courage, humanity, justice, temperance and transcendence).

This research led to the development of a short 10-minute survey, that allows each of us to discover our greatest strengths, by ranking all 24 character strengths in order of their importance to you.

This survey may actually help you to learn more about yourself than some of the powerful tools I mentioned above. That is because the results will remind you of the key values that motivate you. Knowing this information can help you make the big important decisions in your life. When you realize your values, you are able to make choices that are aligned with them.

Has knowing my character strengths enhanced my life? 

Yes, without a doubt. My signature strengths are essential to who I am. When I use them, I am energized by them, in an easy, effortless way. I am reminded of what provides meaning in my life. I am reminded of my priorities. When I use my strengths and values daily in my work environment and my relationships, I am naturally happier. I am in flow.

According to the VIA survey, my top five character strengths are (in order):

  1. love of learning,
  2. creativity,
  3. curiosity,
  4. humility, and
  5. perspective.

When I received the results, I was a little surprised, but my close friends were not! My insatiable need to learn and understand is one of the things they love about me. They also appreciate that I come to a place of peace and flow through my painting, crocheting, tie-dyeing, or any other craft.  And many clients who are drawn to working with me share these same qualities.

In my list of 24 character strengths, humour was ranked last. On the other hand, humour was my husband’s first character strength. When I am earnestly and blissfully lost in my world of learning, he brings normality and levity to our lives. His grounded energy helps keep my feet on the ground. You may find the same, that your people (your tribe) have values and character strengths that have a balancing influence in your life.

If you would like to take the VIA Character Strengths survey, click here.

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