Jo-Anne is an intuitive and energy healer extraordinaire. Her voice delivers insights as might an angel yet the impact is deep, practical, and grounded.
With pinpoint accuracy, she’ll draw from her clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clair-empathy gifts to examine the origins of underlying challenges.
While she’s at it, she is calling forth your own true wisdom and capabilities. A session will leave you not only amazingly informed, but brighter and clearer.

During a session, Jo makes excellent use of her broad training, which includes knowledge of several frequency-based therapies.
Her full range experience in Western and Eastern modalities means you’ll gain insights particular to you, and able to follow up on in the “real world.”

I’ve been recommending Jo to my clients and friends for years.
That’s because I know without a doubt that every word will be well-placed and supportive, and every insight intelligent and conscious.