Create your own new beginnings


We are currently cradled and enveloped in the energy of new beginnings.

Nearly two weeks ago, we experienced the summer and winter solstices (the beginning of summer and winter). And just last week, the Cancer New Moon energy landed as well, where we reconnected with what home and family means to us. And now, here in Australia at least, July 1st has brought with it the start of a new financial year. 

Each of these new beginnings brings us the opportunity to set new goals, make new plans, and start with a blank canvas. 

As humans, we can tend to rely on external systems and structures to provide us with new starting points.

But we can create our own new beginnings anytime!

A few days ago, my husband and I had a challenging conversation about painting our bathroom. We were both reactive and our talk didn’t go well. An hour later, he suggested that we start the conversation over. We’d both learned from the earlier experience and were able to communicate in a more productive and harmonious way. 

New Cancer moon energy
We started from a clean slate and created a different, more positive outcome. 

Energy healing also provides us with a new beginning, an opportunity to clear the decks, a chance to start from scratch. Healing allows us to recognise and release old energies that no longer work for us. Energies that don’t resonate with our true selves. It allows us to start anew. 

Do you want to change your life? 

New beginnings don’t need to be monumentally difficult. All we need to do is decide we want things to be different, and actively take steps towards a different outcome. 

When you decide to change your life, it helps to have someone in your corner. As an intuitive energy healer, I can be that person for you. Together we can tune into the energetic patterns in your life, shift the ones that aren’t working for you, and set up new patterns that resonate with you and the future you want to create.

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