Boost your intuition in the shower



Capitalize on your intuition and creativity in the shower!

Studies have shown that the simple act of having a shower boosts intuition and creativity! There are several reasons why this happens. Showers are relaxing and are typically a place of solitude where our ideas can germinate and grow.

Showers are also (typically) environments of “sensory deprivation” – with no mobile phones or other sources of stimulation, allowing the mind to explore and create new connections.

Renowned neuroscientist, Alice Flaherty believes our flashes of creative brilliance occur because dopamine is released when we are relaxed and comfortable. I share this tip because it works for me! Especially when I am washing my hair. It is as if all the energetic debris that can gather from day-to-day is removed and my most creative ideas flow – for work, home, personal relationships, and all aspects of my life.

Try it yourself! You can also enhance the experience by saying the following affirmation:

At this time I welcome guidance and creative ideas
that empower me and support my life

So let the dopamine flow, be open to those “Aha” moments in the shower, and let the magic happen!

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