Beat pandemic inertia! (with a totem animal ritual)


pandemic inertia

Many of us are experiencing pandemic inertia at the moment. This is when we have lost our momentum. When there is no movement, and nothing seems to be happening.

In the world of science, inertia is the tendency to do nothing! On the other hand, momentum is drive, impetus, propulsion, the act of moving forward. So to break the mind-numbing pattern of inertia, we introduce an external force that generates momentum and helps us to move forward. We ask for help.

Call upon Kangaroo totem animal energy to help you! 

At times like this pandemic, we can access the powerful energy of the kangaroo totem animal. Kangaroo energy not only gives us the energy to shift our momentum, it also enables us to adapt to unexpected changes in our environment. It provides us with protection, stamina and the ability to make wise choices.

Use this 6-step Ritual to bring in kangaroo energy

  1. Take some time in a quiet and calm space where you will not be interrupted.
  2. Call upon Divine/Source and your spirit guides to help you.
  3. Allow your energy to shift down beneath your feet, to your 10th Chakra.
  4. Ask to receive energetic support from the kangaroo totem animal.
  5. Receive the kangaroo energy and feel the activation and empowerment.
  6. Allow the activation to propel you forward and create change in your life!

And as you follow this simple ritual, I send supportive energies to you as well, from the beautiful land of the kangaroo!