Allow true healing – body, mind and spirit



The world of science and research is beginning to recognise that the human experience is not confined to what is happening in our physical body.

Healing occurs when positive physical, mental and spiritual changes occur simultaneously

I have found that healing takes place when we are invested on three different planes:

(1) the physical plane (within the body),
(2) the mind plane (within our mental capacities), and
(3) the spiritual plane (within our relationships with self, others and our Higher Power).

When we are in pain, energetically blocked or disconnected – whether that is physically, mentally, or spiritually. We need positive energetic shifts to occur to restore ourselves back to a healthy or a whole state.

Positive energetic shifts reinforce each other

When we invest our energy in making shifts on these three interconnected planes – physical, mental, and spiritual. The healing is more likely to have lasting benefits that “hold”. I believe this occurs because positive energetic shifts that occur in each plane at the same time reinforcing each other.

In a recent client session, one of my newer clients was asking for energetic support for digestive problems. In our first session, we found that she had intestinal parasites. So, during our time together, we worked energetically so she was able to make energetic shifts in each of the three planes:

  • physically – she starting taking a digestive cleanse product,

  • spiritually – she was able to see that some of her relationships were parasitic and was able to set stronger boundaries, and
  • mentally – she acknowledged that her belief system had allowed others to feed off her energy, and we made shifts that allowed her to see herself as equally important as her friends and family.

You may be wanting to make positive changes in your life as well! It may be a physical change, a change in your mindset or belief system or it may be relational. As you bring positive changes into your life, consider introducing changes simultaneously through the Three Planes of Healing – body, mind and spirit.