7 timely messages for September from astrology


Did you know there are seven planets in retrograde right now?

This is significant for all of us. Each planet is an archetype that carries different energy to the other planets. 

When a planet is in retrograde, it appears to be travelling backwards to us here on Earth. It is a reminder for us to pause and review our lives, to revisit old ground. We have the opportunity to take stock of our past before we start moving forward into our future.

If you feel you’ve been focusing on the past a lot lately, this is probably why! 

Many of us already know Mercury is in retrograde until early October. The other planets are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron. 



What can we learn from these planets now? 

Each of the planets in retrograde is sharing wisdom with us. Timely messages to help us on our journey.

What are they saying?

Mercury is currently drawing our attention to our communication and choices. With Mercury currently retrograding in Libra, our relationships, our value, worth and matters of justice are under review. 

Jupiter is reminding us to expand and consider our possibilities. It also highlights the importance of revisiting issues of faith and meaning. What are we putting our faith in? 

Retrograded Saturn brings our attention to our personal responsibility and authority. Rather than being overwhelmed by what Saturn seems to demand of us, we can use this energy to manifest our dreams in our day-to-day lives. 

Uranus wants us to evolve at all costs, and will turn our lives upside to ensure we are growing. Uranus is encouraging us to break free and individuate. It’s time to look at how we will let our essence fully shine!

Neptune is encouraging us to let go of illusions and toxic belief systems that stand in our way. Give yourself time to find clarity by identifying what really supports you.

Pluto is reminding us of our shadow self. We are being invited to acknowledge and integrate the deepest parts of ourselves that we are reluctant to face. 

Chiron in retrograde tends to allow allowing old wounds, emotional pain and past life traumas to surface. While this can be painful, when these are drawn to our attention, we are able to heal on a new level. 

It is no wonder that many feel overwhelmed at this time. Taking stock of seven major areas of our lives is not a small task.

Do you resonate with any of the messages shared by the retrograded planets? If you do, and would like intuitive support, reach out! You may benefit from booking a personal 1:1 session with me through my online calendar